Navigate the new normal with ease

These are times of transition and you need new tools to structure your personal and professional life. Our workshops help you do that. Shift is happening and there are easier ways to navigate it!

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Amazing sessions await you..

Consider each session as a timeline jump!

The game has changed!

This new paradigm requires you to.....

Jump into the unknown more often

Our awesome features
Make sense of uncertainties

Our awesome features
Anticipate change

Our awesome features
Transform yourself

Our awesome features
Co-create with others

Our awesome features

What we offer

Workshops, courses, masterminds to help you be mentally be prepared for the shifts ahead

Futures thinking sessions for..

Whether you want to select from our pre-designed sessions or would like fully customized ones for your audience

For Communities
Workshop Series for communities
  • Community Engagement
  • Wellness/Transformation series
  • Post session engagement support
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For Individuals
For hyper-curious souls who love brainstorming!
  • Membership around Future of X
  • Access to our online communities
  • Journaling sessions
  • Workbooks
  • Loads of free stuff...
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For Startups
For Accelerators, Incubators, startup teams
  • Future of your business
  • Speculative sessions around "Exponential technologies"
  • Community Engagement sessions
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How we do it a nut shell


We leverage our superpowers of making complex topics easy to dive into through our super playful workshops

Deep Discussions

Be it the journaling sessions or the sessions around emerging tech, the intent of every single session that we do is to give the participants the tool to ask deep questions

Futures Thinking tools

Everything that we do is frameworks based. We borrow these tools from fields that were designed to make sense of this complex and uncertain world we are currently living in

Who is Included?

A diverse audience. The sessions are specifically designed so that even if someone does not have any experience in the topic being discussed, they would still be able to participate and build their own point of view around the topic by the end of the session

What do we offer?

Live workshops around two main focus areas - Personal Futures and Emerging technology

How does it work?

We collaborate with established communities and accelerators to deliver sessions/series for their audience.

Communities we have collaborated with so far...

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