Why should tech startups care about Futures Thinking...

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Anticipate change, spot opportunities, stay ahead of the game

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Speculate the Future: Emerging tech

AR/VR: Frameworks based exercise on figuring out the breakthroughs required for AR/VR to go mainstream IoT: Cards game - Ideate on IoT devices of the future and the probable security threats associated with those Blockchain: Build scenarios around blockchain adaptation by different countries Design phase: Sessions on AI, Autonomous vehicles, Transhumanism and more

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Future of X: Monthly membership series

Craving intellectual stimulation and deep discissions with others? Then this series is for you. Click below to read more on the format followed in this series. Session conducted in these series: 1) Future of Love, Intimacy, Marriages 2) Coming next - Future of sports (in July 2021)

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Future of your Business

Boom! Let's get your imagination running wild on how the future of your business will look like 7 years from now and use the various new snippets and ahas you find along the way to implement in your current strategy. While you may ocassionally end up with outlandish scenarios in these exercises you will always find this time spent on speculating on your industry, business, customers to be highly beneficial, if you are one of those who likes to do things differently.

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Our community comprises around 100 students and entrepreneurs from Indore, India.

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