Times of transition....

​We are living in interesting times and as a leader, innovator, pioneer, change maker, rebel you may not want to miss these important moments in history. If you are craving to make a difference in your life and in this world, especially in these times, then we have some offerings just for you.

Our awesome features

1. Personal Futures/ Journaling sessions

Series of Personal Futures sessions. Ideal for communities . Help equip your members with leading edge tools and reflection exercises. This is manifesting meets Futures thinking! #Wellness #Leadership #ConciousLiving #LifestyleDesign

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2. Futures thinking sessions for Entrepreneurs

Here are some offerings that your business will thank you for....

"Future of X" - Monthly membership series

Deep dives on social implication of emerging tech. Monthly membership series by "World we Desire"

Exponential tech: Speculate the Future Series

Envision the 20-30 year impact of emerging technologies. In each session we dive into one technology. These are highly interactive workshops.

Future of your Business course

Boom! Let's get your imagination going on how the future of your business will look like 7 years from now and use the various new snippets and ahas you find along the way to implement in your current strategy. While you may ocassionally end up with outlandish scenarios in these exercises you will always find this time spent on speculating on your industry, business, customers to be highly beneficial, if you are one of those who likes to do things differently.

Some more pics!

#FuturesThinking #AR/VR #EmergingTech

#FuturesThinking #EmergingTech


#FuturesThinking #EmergingTech


#FuturesThinking #FoodSystem




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